Fight the…what? (About)

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.” – Franz Kafka.

Vatnajokull Glacier

Like this.

We encounter new ideas regularly.  Should we allow any area in our lives to be untouched by the free market?  What is a choice?  Do kittens’ litter boxes make us crazy?  These are just three thoughts that I had today before I got up to type this introduction.

All these ideas that we have, these thoughts, these questions, they’re great to think about!  But unfortunately, we often don’t spend any time articulating them.  These ideas, thoughts, questions and opinions are frozen, paralyzed within the sea in each of us.

If you looked up what the word “curare” is before you read this far into the introduction, then you probably belong here.  If you haven’t looked up the word yet, that’s okay too.  Curare a poison that causes paralysis.  I encountered the poison when I was reading into a concept called “Learned Helplessness.”  The poison was used in the dogs that learned to be helpless in one of the experiments.  The thoughts that popped into my mind regarding that reading ranged from questions about the ethics of intentionally inflicting dogs with pain and long-term emotional distress, what implications if any there were for the research on humans, and the ethics of attempting to intentionally replicate any aspect of the original study with humans.  I can’t write or think about it all, but committing some of the idea to paper will help me remember some thought-provoking aspect of the reading.

The goal of this blog is first and foremost to attempt to break that frozen sea.  Whether we are paralyzed by choice, or by a need to have the most perfect presentation of ourselves, this blog’s goal is to help loosen our thinking limbs up a bit.
First some ground rules:

1. One post per month minimum. (Experience tells me some minimum needs to be enforced.)

2. Each post should have one central idea that the user is struggling with.  The point isn’t to be certain or to know everything about what you’re talking about, but to attempt to articulate thoughts about a given idea.  In my experience, having a central question is an easy way to focus your thought provoking ideas.

3. Anybody can, in comments, be as certain as any user wishes to be. Just be respectful with the opinions of those who question and/or disagree.

Especially because I set this blog up so recently, don’t expect a huge group of people to swoon over your work immediately.  Sometimes the best comments we get on our thoughts occur far after we last thought about the topic.  I’ll check posts regularly, but I can’t insist that everyone else will as well.
Sounds great, how do I join?

The first thing you need to do is follow the blog.  The followers show up in a list of emails and usernames for me.  If you follow and don’t want to contribute, that’s fine, but it is a first step to letting us know that you want to contribute.

The second step would be to let us know either in the comment section on this page, or messaging myself or eladnarra that you want to join.  Communicate your desire to contribute, and basically so long as we don’t think you’re going to cause all sorts of doom and havoc on the blog we’ll let you start contributing.

Note: causing doom and havoc is grounds for being removed from the list of contributors (I don’t expect it to be a problem, but it should be said).


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